Your Business Needs Long-Form ContentIf you’ve been following the latest SEO and copywriting tips you’ve probably heard of the newest buzzword taking the industry by storm. Long-form content. It refers to content that’s dedicated to longer articles generally between the 2000 – 20000 word mark. At Copy That Counts, we consider long-form content as articles, e-books, guides and further information around that is made up of over 2500 words. Your business needs long-form content and these are the reasons why.

I know what you’re thinking. Are we serious? What in the McGOOGLE? Do we really expect you to create MORE content than you’re already doing? You’re already spending time out of your day contributing to blogs and other strategies to help your online visibility. Now we’re asking you to pretty much double it! WHY IS GOOGLE SO NEEDY? AND WHEN WILL IT ALL END? Why can’t you just concentrate on the daily running of your business?

We get it, you guys. Search Engines demand more and more from you as a business. You know you need toYour Business Needs Long-Form Content rank on them, especially on Google. You know you need traffic to your site to get new clients to grow. But you’re already investing time and effort into social media content and strategies. And spending money on other marketing campaigns for your business. When will this all end? How much more do you need to do?

It’s likely you understand you need SEO to grow. But its unlikely you really want to spend hours, days or weeks creating 2000 + word articles that Google now demands from you. Your business needs long-form content though, and doing so can make a dramatic difference to your SEO strategy and help you stand out from all your competitors.

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content To Stand Out From Your Competitors!

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

The thing is if you’ve ever accepted you need SEO, so have your competitors, probably. Your competition is likely doing all the things they need for their own SEO approach. They’re probably all over their onsite optimisation like creating high-quality content. They’ve ensured their site is technically astute. And they are working on getting authority sites in their niche linking to them. Or they’re collaborating with an SEO agency that’s doing it for them.

But how many of your competitors are producing exceptional long-form content? Who do you know in your niche that’s generating detailed articles, descriptive guides, e-books and more? If no-one you have an amazing opportunity to do it first. And if there is someone, you have the potential to do it better!

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content Because Search Engines Rank It Higher!

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these days the average first-page article on Google contains 1,890 words! Sorry, not sorry. That’s about 5 pages of words. Also, In July 2015 our friends at MOZ & BuzzSumo did a study that analysed the shares and links of over 1 million articles. They found long-form content of over 1,000 words consistently receives more shares and links than shorter form content.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google has advised that high-quality content and link building are the two most important factors used by Google to rank your website for search. Long-form content answers both of these signals by providing the highest quality content likely to get the most shares and backlinks as mentioned above. The other SEO benefits are listed below;

The Main SEO Benefits of Long-Form Content Are;

Your business needs long-form content because search engines rank longer copy higher. This is for several reasons;

  • Posts that are of 2000 + wordmark perform better, as they have more opportunity to include keywords naturally throughout the content.
  • Longer posts provide extreme value for your reader because they provide the detail your audience is looking for.
  • Your consumers spend more time reading long-form content when it’s well researched and informative. This means they’ll spend an increased time on site, which is great for SEO.
  • Google understands that people don’t want to scour the internet for information and would prefer to find it in the one place. Longer content allows this.
  • A longer article has a higher likelihood of providing the answers that your intended audience is looking for in this way. That’s why Google ranks them higher.

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content For More Social Sharing.

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

Our friends at Moz also researched longer form content in terms of social sharing. They found that 85% of copy published (excluding videos and quizzes) is less than 1,000 words long. However, long-form content of over 1,000 words consistently receives more shares and links than shorter form content. You can read more about it here .

Your Business Needs To Create Long-Form Content For Better Link Building.

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

Link building in 2018 is the process of earning links from other websites in your industry. As we’ve discussed, links are a very important signal that the search engines use to determine rankings. Long-form content provides ample opportunity for people to link to your content because you have so much detailed information to link to.

You have more room to provide the knowledge people are looking for and deem link-worthy with an article of over 1500 words. Your content is more likely to inspire action when you have detailed and researched info to do so. There’s space to be educational and even entertaining when possible. These are the traits that people are looking for when it comes to linking to content.

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content For Reliable Website Authority.

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

Google and other search engines want businesses to create industry-related information to share on their website and on their blogs that help their potential audience. Or answers the questions they have. This, along with a bunch of other things working in conjunction together, helps them see they’re an authority in their niche and ranks them accordingly.

Domain authority is another search engine ranking factor. It’s based on three factors; Age, Popularity, and Size. Producing amazing and high-quality long-form content about your good and services, or other information your potential consumers are looking for, is one of the best ways to improve your domain authority.

There Are Several Other Benefits of Long-Form Content;

Your Business Needs Long-Form ContentIt’s not just your SEO strategy that benefits from long-form content. It’s your potential audience or consumer that really gains value from what you generate. If you’re providing something like a guide or an e-book to help your potential audience, they are getting the information they are looking for. They build trust with you for providing it to them. And they are likely to remember you for when they need the service or product you are providing.

Take, for instance, you are a local Sunshine Coast florist. You love creating beautiful arrangements for all occasions. But your target market is wedding bouquets and wedding decorations. Imagine if you created an ebook that provided detailed information on the different types of flowers. Which flowers match the season they are getting married in and other tips that really help.

If you create this guide and you do it well, you’re giving your potential consumer extremely valuable information that really assists them. Its possible it answers their pain points on their buyer’s journey. And helps your audience sees you as an ‘authority’ on that subject.

So Does Long-Form Content REALLY work? 

This may all seem like conflicting information when we consider the shorter attention spans people of today have. We know we need fast-site loading speeds for this reason. In fact, we expect sites needs to load in 2 seconds or less. If it isn’t loaded within 3 seconds, we tend to abandon the site and move on to a quicker one.Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

When the idea of long-form content was originally explored, we assumed people would have a preference for short content that can be consumed quickly. However, it just hasn’t been the case. Longer articles are performing better on search engines. Getting more content shares. Are converting better. And even getting higher engagement on mobile devices.

If you are going to put in the time and effort to create long-form content you might as well do it right! So how exactly does your business create the long-form content you need? We’ve broken in down to four easy steps.

Why Your Business Needs To Create Long-Form Content (and how to start creating it)!

Your Business Needs Long-Form Content

1 Establish The Goal of Your Content.

There’s no point writing anything without an end goal for the content itself. Are you looking for more website clicks? Are you trying to get brand advocates? Do you simply want to gain more customers and leads?

Ask yourself these questions as well as well as why are you writing this? And how exactly will you measure it the success of it? Before you start producing the copy.

2. Define Who You’re Writing It For.

In order to write content, you need to have an audience in mind to write content for. Ask yourself who is your potential audience? What are their pain points? And what do they need from you in order to trust you to become loyal customers or brand advocates?

It might be worth defining four or five content marketing personas and then creating your content directly targeted towards them. Content marketing personas is a critical part of helping you drive sales for your product or service. It defines who your potential consumers are and how to market directly to them.

3 Pick a Relevant Keyword and Topic.

Your long-form content needs to be created around a relevant keyword and topic that interests your audience and helps with your SEO rankings. I find the best way to understand this is to spend time brainstorming with your team the frequent questions they are asked. Or puts yourself in your potential customer’s position. And work out what you would want to know.

There is also a great tool called It gives you a list of related and suggested searches for key-terms. It offers a broad list of topics around your industry or service where you can pick and choose to consider writing about.

4 Get Writing.

Or hire a professional to write your long-form content for you. We’re sure we’ve convinced you that writing long-form content can benefit your business exponentially. No matter what industry you are in. But no-one expects you to be a master at everything. Even for the most experienced content creators amongst us, producing quality long-form content posts takes time. A lot of time. A lot of time and effort.

Your Business Needs Long-Form ContentCopy That Counts are experts in long-form content. In fact, given the choice between creating short, punchy sales copy over long-form content; We’d choose long-form content, every time! Maybe it’s the geek within is. Or the fact we love to talk about subjects we are passionate about in great length and detail!

Working with a high-quality long-form creator is an investment in your business. It allows you to get on with the daily running of your company whilst we create the content you need for your business to succeed. And get you the online visibility to gain new customers and really grow! It’s time to hand over the reigns. Get in touch with us today, or get a quote below.