Website ContentIf you have a business then you need a website. And your website must have superior website content that explains who you are. What you do. And what sets you apart from your competitors. This all has to be crafted with compelling copy that not only resonates with your audience, but with SEO best practices in mind to ensure you rank on search engines as well.

Your website has seconds to capture the interest of your intended consumers. 7 seconds, exactly. In that time your audience must understand what your sites’ about, capture their interest, and provoke action of what they are supposed to do while they are there. Getting across these messages in a clear and clever way is essential to turning your website visitors into loyal customers or brand advocates.

There are numerous pages your website must have. At the very minWebsite Contentimum, you should have a Home Page, About Us Page, Services/Products Page, Contact Us Page, FAQ and Review/Testimonials page. You should also have a central page for your blog posts. And depending on your product or service, possibly a lot more. All of these needs to be engaging to your audience and optimised for SEO purposes as well.

Ensuring your website content and all pages have been optimised for SEO is essential to get you ranking for the keywords people are typing into search engines, and essentially finding your site. Each page needs to include targeted keywords in your copy, titles, meta-descriptions, and tags. They also need enticing call-to-action on every blog post and promotional content. You should always use high-quality images with optimised alt-descriptions for the Google Bots. And of course, have winning headlines and engaging content. Each of these pages also has a different purpose.

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Website Content


Your homepage is the first place people see and it must do the heavy lifting to capture your audience’s attention. And all of this needs to happen within seconds of a visitor landing on the site, or you potentially lose your audience for good. It should also be designed to look professional and load fast, or your visitors will get bored and leave.

Your content needs to clearly explain what you do and who you are within the website copy and through your logo and slogan. It’s necessary to include a hook to differentiate your business from competitors. It’s essential to explain how you will solve the problems your customers have. And you should have easy navigation to direct your audience on where you want them to go.


Your About Us page is an important page to humanise your brand, provide context and make it easier for people to connect with you. To do so you should give your audience a peek behind the curtains of your business to forge a connection, build trust and show off your values. Even better, if you have a great story about how your business came to be or what inspired you to provide your product or service your About Us page is exactly where this should go.

Website Content

The best About Us Pages provide cold hard facts, not hype. They give their audience the information they want to know, clearly and concisely. They list credentials, certifications, awards, and USP’s. They outline what your business stands for. And providing an action shot of your people in your business working behind the scenes connects to your audience on a human to human level.


Your services and product pages are there to show off what you do, how you do it better than anybody else, and ultimately provoke people to make a booking or purchase from you. In order to do so, you must clearly show the benefits of your product and service and what makes it unique. And answer any questions your buyer might have that could make them hesitate on their buyers’ journey.

Most importantly, these pages NEED to contain a clear call-to-action that serves one purpose: getting your potential customers to the checkout/booking option more easily and quickly. Highly converting CTA’s stand out on the page, often through contrasting colours. They have compelling copy and logical placement. And obviously, they inspire action.


A contact page is pretty self-explanatory. However, there are tricks and tips to ensure your Contact Us Page stands apart from the rest, stays on brand and well, inspires people to get in touch. If your intended audience doesn’t book online, but still wants to talk to you, you have a further opportunity to convert them into a loyal customer.Website Content

Your Contact Us page should consist of copy that reassures your audience that their messages will be read and responded to. It’s ideal to customise placeholder text to make sure your visitors fill out your form correctly. Add a map to your contact form. And keep the design simple and consistent with your current branding.


A great frequently asked questions page actually serves several purposes, apart from answering the most obvious questions your consumer might have. This page gives you the opportunity to alleviate some hesitations from your audience during the buyer’s journey. You can improve your SEO and site navigation here. You can earn trust by demonstrating you are an expert in your product or service. And keep your customers happy by answering the questions they need to know.

When writing questions for your FAQs, use the language of your customer. Ensure you actually answer the question, without unnecessary detail. Make sure you stay on brand. And when the opportunity arises, use your FAQ’s to further showcase the benefits and the uniqueness of your product and service.


Many people don’t realise that your Reviews and Testimonials pages are some of the most powerful pages on your site. In fact, 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. And excellent testimonials tell people that your product and service is not only credible, but people are getting great results from it.

Website ContentYou can encourage your customers to provide a testimonial or review by firstly, simply asking them too. Making it easy for them. No-one likes filling in unnecessary forms or information, so you need to make it as easy as possible to leave a review. You could also send out an email to your database requesting a testimonial or review. And if you provide an incentive or offer in return, you are more likely to get the reviews and testimonials you need.

Writing for websites is an art. When you consider it’s essential for all these pages to be long enough to provide the needed detail, be of the highest quality, engage your target audience and optimised for SEO purposes, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals to get it right for you the first time. And you can focus this time on concentrating on your daily business needs instead.

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