Social media contentImagine for a minute life without social media content. Ok, so you’d be back in ’94 listening to Oasis whine about Champagne Supernovas and watching The Simpsons when it was still good. Life isn’t all that bad, but just imagine for a moment how your marketing strategies would look? Prior to the Internet and its love child: social media, businesses relied on promotional tactics such as direct sales, TV, Radio, Mail (yes, it still exists) and printed promotional collateral such as catalogues and brochures.

Many of these offline marketing tools still exist, but none are as valuable as social media to power your marketing strategies. Social media is a critical part of any successful content marketing strategy. It is the communication outlet that connects customers to your business from anywhere around the globe in real-time, enabling them to become part of your brand, your community, your ethos – and your product.

Social Media Content Is An Imperative Part Any Marketing Strategy.

Social Media Marketing

From Cave Art to the Emoji Heart:

Social Media Content Makes Marketing Strategies Pop!

Facebook remains the top dog amongst the social media channels. At 2.13 billion users, Facebook’s bevvy of social media users outweighs those of WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined (Facebook, 2018). With 5 new profiles created every second, this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. (Source: The Social Skinny) and on average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily. They’re some tasty stats. But how do you engage your visitors with effective social media copywriting?

social media content

Our teams of social media copywriters live up to the premise of understanding your brand’s identity, its main audience and their needs and desires. Crafting effective social media content is easy – once you establish the brand you want to build and the direction in which you want to expand.

The power of the Tweet, care of Twitter, is also a force to be reckoned with when it is utilised properly in successful marketing campaigns. With its 330 Million monthly users, sending a total of 500 million tweets a day, total ad engagements are up 91% year-over-year. The Twitter bird continues to sing a merry tune to the ears of all social media marketers that hum along with it.

But these two big hitters aren’t the only sharp marketing tools in the shed. Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn all create their own brand of magic online. It’s important to note on average, each user is at least subscribed to two social media channels. Utilising a third party social media dashboard such as Hootsuite can help manage all social media channels from one outlet.

That’s the guff on all the need-to-know social media and marketing stuff without the fluff, now let us help you succeed in this realm of endless marketing possibilities with our effective and affordable social media content services.

Social Media ContentCreating instant and lasting engagement for customers and clients in real-time is at the heart of successful social media content. We do it with heart and soul so you can connect with customers, create a relationship and have them coming for more, again and again. And killer content gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with other leaders of your industry. And optimise your social media pages while attracting new clients and customers through Search Engine Optimisation and social media trends and signals.

By hosting and promoting engrossing content on your website you inspire users, clients and customers to repost, retweet, like and share – enhancing your social content marketing efforts and allowing them to spread across the web like wildfire and thus, around the world.

So, as enjoyable as ’94 was, the times have changed! Let us help you take your content marketing strategies to 2024 and beyond.

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