Social media consultingWhether you are a small business or a large corporation, your social media presence really matters. Similarly, whether you have an in-house team of social media marketers or prefer to run your social outlets on your own, you can always grow them further with our social media consulting.

At Copy That Counts, we understand social media as a vital link in communication and brand building. It’s also but also an open medium for whatever announcements, offers or news your company has to make. However, when it comes to publishing the news online – every visitor wants to hear a brand voice that is appealing, engaging and interesting.

Scalable And Effective Social Media Consulting

social media consulting

We see social media as your window to the world full of digital opportunities. The place where your efforts are guaranteed to reach the consumer, and a place that works 24/7, everywhere in the world. There is no better medium to reach your followers other than social media, that’s a fact.

Consider the growth and usage of social media over the last couple of years. From desktop to phones, tablets, and even smartwatches – it’s used in practically every interaction. And that is why social media coaching should be a major part of your online strategy.

Our Social Media training and workshops are a part of our coaching method that aims to teach you every aspect of social media through a periodic approach. Knowing that the social media trends are changing as we speak, we constantly tailor our social media coaching program to make sure it suits businesses of all sizes and industries.If you don’t have staff that is trained in regards to social accounts you should definitely invest in the process.

Social media consultingNowadays, social media stands as the backbone medium of every business, and a space that every customer visits one-click at a time. Our range of high-value coaching services and social media consultancy will help you achieve the tangible results you want powered by the right activities.

Whether you need to establish an excellent social media strategy, build a social media marketing plan or provide the right type of management and marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram – then talk to us today at Copy That Counts. We connect and coach your staff of the right operations, activities, and strategy to build the ideal voice of your business and cover every aspect of your social media presence online.

Our social media marketing services focus on putting your business first and tailoring a social strategy to suit you. Copy That Counts is a team of digital enthusiasts who will help you reach the balance between you and your customers and find the ideal voice to increase your brand awareness.

Social Media ConsultingThrough services such as social media audit, competitive analysis, social personas creation, blog design and optimisation, blog strategy as well as interactive strategies which we build in a custom way tailored to your own needs, Copy That Counts will provide social media coaching that will let you take advantage of the social sphere and drive visitors to your website or blog.