SEO Optimised BlogsAre you looking for a professional blog writing service at an affordable rate? Do you want to focus your time on your own business, instead of trying to research and write articles for your blog? Do you feel like you can use some high-quality blog posts to improve your SEO strategyand build your brand authority?

At Copy That Counts, we create original content for your online marketing strategy. The right content targeted to the right audience will drive your business as a whole, further. Our blog writing service delivers on the highest quality content you need. We ensure every time that its tailored to your needs, engages your target audience, and is valuable to your customer.

The secret to our exceptional blog writing service lies not only in our experience, but the creativity to make your content interesting.  Your content needs to stand out from your competitors, which is hard in a busy online landscape. We will deliver blog posts to you that excites your audience by thinking outside the box to create something that will stand out.

Your One Stop Destination For SEO Optimised Blog Posts

500-Word Article
A Fully SEO-optimised and edited article
1 Hour Briefing Session
2 x Revisions
Published in Your CMS
1000-Word Article
A Fully SEO-optimised and edited article
1 Hour Briefing Session
2 x Revisions
Published in Your CMS

If you want SEO optimised content in the form of blog articles, our Copy really Counts to help your business grow its online strategy. All our blog posts are created with SEO best practices in mind, including the short and long-tail keyword phrases you’re customers are entering into Google to find you.

We also ensure these keywords appear naturally throughout your content. Our SEO techniques focus on all white-hat methods to always make sure you’re on Google’s good side. Everything we do is focused on creating engaging blog posts that answer the questions your audience needs, while always adhering to the latest Google algorithms and updates.SEO Optimised Blogs

For this reason, we take a holistic approach to all your blog posts requirements. We research for the most valuable, interesting and hot topics your business needs in the blog section, and then write engaging pieces that are original, interesting and follow all SEO best practices.

We’ve been known in the past to write such engaging articles they’ve gone viral on the web. Aviral article is what SEO dreams are made of, and benefit your online marketing strategy in numerous ways. Every time we create something for you, it’s with this end goal in mind.

An Active Blog Translates To An Active Website;

Your blog entries are monitored by Google. When Google reviews your blogs it positions your website as active and with relevant information and ranks you accordingly. The truth is  that Google hates old websites with outdated content. Investing in a professional blog writing service guarantees you an excellent return on your investment.

Top Quality Blog Posts Mean More Traffic;

Hiring a professional writer at Copy That Counts has numerous benefits. Did you know, for example, that every new blog added to your site is a new page Google can index and send people to? It’s as simple as that. More content means more traffic, and with your keywords placed within the content organically, it helps drive your SEO strategy further.

More Content Means More Internal Links;

Our blog writing service can easily scale the internal links within your website. In other words, with every new blog article, you put another set of links that direct to your home page, services, contact page etc. Google loves internal links and determines your Page Rank according to them.

More Content Means An Interesting Brand;

People really love to engage with blog articles, and having a professional team of writers to create them for you will engage your audience to follow your website and get informed about every trending hot topic they are into in your industry.

SEO Optimised BlogsThere is no escaping it. No matter what your business is in whatever industry you are in, you need an online presence. Think about it. What’s the first thing you do when you need a new product or service? You Google it. And that’s what people are doing when they are looking for yours. Blog posts give you the opportunity to share your knowledge of your industry in an engaging and informative way, targeted to your specific consumer audience. The more you do this, the more Google sees you as an authority on the subject, and the better your traffic and rankings will be.

Talk to us about our professional blog posts and writing service and get started on your SEO Strategy with your first blog today!