Sunshine Coast SEO ServicesAre you looking for Sunshine Coast SEO Services? Or SEO services anywhere around Australia? Copy that Counts are your talented and experienced Search Engine Optimisation team. We’ll deliver an exceptional service for your business with a key focus on improving your traffic and keyword rankings. We have over 10 years experience in SEO and content writing for the web. We also have a proven track record in delivering results. When you choose to collaborate with us, you’re working with a skilled team that really knows their stuff.

Our dedicated team of SEO experts will work to formulate a powerful SEO strategy to get you the best ROI from your marketing spend. We’ll start the process by preparing your site to be in the healthiest position for SEO. This may require a full website and review. Then we’ll move forward with updates on the technical side so the Google bots can read your site quickly and easily. Most importantly, we’ll craft compelling content that your potential audience needs and Google uses as a ranking factor. And we’ll reach out to other authoritative sites for an important backlink to your own.

What Are Google’s Latest Ranking Factors?

Sunshine Coast SEO Services

According to Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, there are two most important signals that Google takes into consideration for how they rank your website. High-quality content and link building. An SEO strategy that works will always prioritise these two factors. 72% of marketers say the single most effective SEO tactic is relevant content creation. At Copy That Counts our SEO strategies are always based on this. And the latest SEO best practices and Google’s SEO Guidelines.

Your website needs to improve its stature as an authoritative industry voice. Doing so will improve search engine rankings so that customers and prospects can more easily find your website. It’ll also engage a growing audience and keep them interested. High-quality content, created and added to your website on a consistent basis, will give you the traffic you need to build a following of interested prospects, and convert these leads into more sales. 

How Do We Do It?

Our Sunshine Coast SEO services are fully transparent. We don’t have any secret methodology. We certainly won’t bill you for a whole lot of technical SEO stuff you don’t understand. Any action we complete on your account will be documented with full access to you given at all times. We also don’t take on every client for ethical reasons. We only work with those we’ve spent time reviewing their website and are confident we can deliver the results they need to see their business grow.

Reasons We Wouldn’t Be Able To Work With A Client Include;

Sunshine Coast SEO Services

  • We already work with a client in your industry. It’s unethical to take on more than one in each industry as we can’t deliver the same rankings to more than one business working in the same medium. 
  • We don’t feel you have the budgets necessary for a strategy to work. Nothing is automated in SEO and a successful strategy requires an amount of manual labour from SEO experts and talented writers producing ongoing work each month.  All parties involved need to be compensated fairly for their time and expertise. If we feel your budgets can’t match, we’ll advise you of this. Rather than taking on the minimal amount you can afford, knowing it won’t be enough to deliver the results you need.
  • Your current website might not be in a reasonable position to be optimised for SEO. It might be too old, for instance. It might be on a CMS that doesn’t work for SEO, or for any other reason. In this case, we will recommend a migration to a new site before we commence any work.
  • You have previously participated in black-hatted techniques or you have a current Google Penalty. We will review your website first to understand the work required to get you back to a healthy position. We will assess this on a case by case basis.
  • The two main elements of our Sunshine Coast SEO services, or strategies anywhere in Australia, include producing quality content for your website and for editorial backlinks. If content is not something you are willing to focus on, we may not be the best SEO Company for you.

When you come to Copy That Counts for any of your Sunshine Coast SEO services, we’ll work together on techniques customised specifically to your business and the industry you are in.  Whilst all of the strategies we generate are unique to you, we do have steps that are included in each of our strategies and for each website. They are as follows.


  • Review your full website from an SEO technical perspective. We’ll use our advanced site auditor to check all of the SEO elements. We’ll make sure you haven’t received a penalty. We’ll check your site is in a reasonable condition to start SEO.
  • Initial 60-minute briefing to understand the objectives of your website. Who your target market is. And the services and products you provide.
  • Review your current Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools or Set-up of these if you haven’t already.
  • Check your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Check your site’s speed check for both your mobile and desktop site.
  • Provide recommendations of what work needs to be done in order to improve your rankings and any other ideas we have for your online visibility to help you reach your objectives.
  • Invite you to our internal system where our work will be documented and able to be accessed at any time for full transparency.
  • Conduct initial keyword research.
  • Detailed competition analysis.


  • Commence fixing of errors identified where possible. This may include adding redirects, fixing any errors, warnings and notices.
  • Address any pages with a slow loading time.
  • Optimise each page so the correct keyword phrases are used, updated their H1, H2, H3 tags, URLs, titles, copy, image alt tags, metadata etc.
  • Fix any mobile responsiveness issues.
  • Any other optimisation technical recommendations.


  • A full review of current website content.
  • Expansion of current content pages.
  • Content Calendar and Blog Recommendations.
  •  Creation of Fully Optimised SEO long-form content article including keyword and technical info  published in your backend.


  • Creation of 1- 2 backlinks to your website.
  • Ongoing creation of fully optimised SEO long-form content article including keyword and technical info of 1000-word which is published in your backend.
  • Social media recommendations including Google+ Business account updates
  • Any other observations.
  • Report of all work completed, current organic traffic and ongoing trends.
  • Monthly Call to discuss all work completed, traffic and trends.

Copy That Counts Strategy

We rank on Page 1 for 15 out of 15 of our most important keywords. SEO related key-terms are the most Sunshine Coast SEO Servicescompetitive key-terms out there and we are competing against major organisations with massive budgets! Some in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our strategies we’ve used for our own website, are the exact same techniques we’ll use for yours. If we can do that in the most competitive space, imagine what we can do for your business?

Content Is King In All Our Sunshine Coast SEO Services!

Sunshine Coast SEO Services

At the core of all our Sunshine Coast SEO services and our tactics anywhere, is content. It will play a major role in any strategy we produce for you. We know that generating high-quality content your potential audience wants to read. Content that answers the questions they need. Content that inspires action from them. Will get Google to see you as an authority on your industry and they’ll rank you accordingly. It’s imperative in any SEO strategy that works.

We’ve been creating content for so long our dreams are now content ideas and we bleed SEO instead of blood. All the copy we craft will be bold, innovative and engaging. We’ll write outside the box, and write content that works. In fact, several of the articles we’ve created have been shared on social media thousands of times. This is the stuff of SEO fantasies and is a guaranteed way of getting Google to notice you.

Need Proof?

Here’s an example of an article we created that got shared over 3000 times hereWhen we start producing content for your business, we’ll do so with maximum engagement in mind. We’ll develop the sort of stuff your audience wants to read. Finds a benefit from. Inspires action. And with the idea of getting your content shared thousands of times as well.

Whether we create content for your own website, or for a guest posting elsewhere for an important backlink to your site. It’ll be produced by a creative and talented local writer, with SEO best practices in mind at all times. Unlike other SEO agencies, we’ll never outsource this service to overseas content mills or cheaper, less experienced writers. Your content is key to your SEO success, so created the best for you is our number 1 priority.

What Can We Guarantee With Our Sunshine Coast SEO Services?

Sunshine Coast SEO Services

The entire purpose of our SEO strategy for you is to increase the number of new leads your website generates. Like with any business purchase, there’s risk attached. When it comes to SEO, the risk might seem a bit scarier, because no SEO company has any control over Google or it’s algorithms.  We can’t guarantee any type of results, because we have no say in what Google does. However, we will always guarantee the following;

  • Our strategies are ALWAYS based on white-hatted techniques. We will never consider any grey area or black-hat tactics under any circumstances.
  • We will always follow Google’s Guidelines and best practices. We’ll participate in deep research before conducting any new technique to make sure it meets Google and other search engine expectations.
  • We never outsource to overseas or cheap contractors. All our content writers and SEO specialists are native, experienced and talented at what they do.
  • All of our strategies are fully transparent and tailored to your specific business needs.
  • We always recommend an SEO strategy takes time to work. 6-9 months is the average time to see significant results. However, we will focus on low hanging fruit when possible to get you the results quickly.
  • We’ll have reviewed your website in detail and we believe there are no current issues with your site or reasons we can’t get you the traffic and rankings you need.
  • An assessment of your competition has been completed. We feel our strategies will not only match what they are doing but put you in a better position and get you better rankings.
  • We are confident that the strategy we have created for you will work. And have no reason to believe otherwise.
  • We have no contracts. You can cancel any time with 30 days notice.

Are you looking for Sunshine Coast SEO services? Or for SEO strategies anywhere around Australia? Why not get in touch with our talented team at Copy That Counts, today? We’ll generate a strategy tailored to your brand and industry that will work in driving traffic and rankings to your website. And really make a difference in driving your business further. Fill out the form below or get a quote today!