750-Word SEO-Optimised ArticleIf you’re looking at a 750-word SEO-optimised article, chances are you have some sort of understand of SEO and the importance of creating high-quality content for your SEO Strategy. We know content is one of the top 3 ranking factors Google and other search engines take into consideration. The first place to start for your own strategy is the content you publish on your website and the copy you create for your ongoing blogs.

And not just any old content at that. Google expects you to produce useful and informative information that’s more valuable than what’s on another site. It has to be credible by using original research, citations, links, reviews, and testimonials. It should be unique, specific, and high-quality. And of course, relevant and engaging to your audience.

There’s no perfect formula for creating an article that’ll automatically rank high on search engines. However, if you create the content with those things in mind, do the right technical elements in the backend of your site, and get engagement on social media when you share it, you are substantially increasing your chances of doing so.

There’s also not a perfect length to an article either. But we do know these days that pages which are longer tend to rank higher. However, those posts still need to bring value to the reader. A 750-word SEO-optimised article is a good balance for providing a detailed, informative article, that isn’t too long that lose your audience’s attention.

But all of this takes time. Even for the most experienced SEO content creators and copywriters this type of content can take up to five hours to research, create and publish on a website. That’s more than half a day gone you could be spending concentrating on the actual day-to-day running of your business.

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750-Word SEO-Optimised Article

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