1000-word SEO-optimised articleWe know content is one of the 3 most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. And by now we appreciate not any old copy will do. Content must be unique, valuable, relevant and engaging. And it MUST be of the highest quality. A 1000-word SEO-optimised article is an ideal length to impress search engines and provide the detail in your content your audience really benefits from.

There’s no magic number for how long an article should read. The perfect blog length or publishing frequency doesn’t exist and word count is not a standalone ranking factor. The length of your article only has merit if the content quality is high. For instance, A 500-word well researched and quality post will rank higher than a 2000-word article that is spammy, low-value and doesn’t provide the information your intended audience requires.

However, as a general rule of thumb long-form content does reign supreme and tends to rank higher. In fact, the average word count of a Google first page result was 1,890 words. But before you panic, that’s an average amount of all industries across the board. For most small to medium businesses we work with, a 1000-word SEO-optimised article is more than sufficient to get you the results you need to drive your business further.

1000 word articles provide a level of depth that’s simply impossible with a shorter post. They have more capabilities in including all the information your audience is looking for. They earn more backlinks naturally than shorter posts, are shared more on social media than short-form content, and long and detailed blog posts have this amazing ability to keep your readers engaged.

Crafting posts that actually earn attention and user engagement is what SEO dreams are made of. But creating a 1000-word SEO-optimised article that delivers on these factors isn’t the easiest of tasks. Even the most experienced copywriters can struggle with creating a post of this length that stays informative and keeps your audience entertained at all times.

That’s where we come in. Copy That Counts loves long-form content. It’s our favourite type of content to work on and we’re pretty damn good at creating it. We’ve produced articles of these lengths that have gone viral numerous times and have been shared in the +5000 plus times.


1000-Word SEO-Optimised Article

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