Social Media is an imperative part of any marketing strategy.

If you think a few posts a week on Facebook, few pins on Pinterest, a couple of tweets on Twitter and a follow-for-follow strategy on Instagram is all it takes to dominate social media content, you are wrong. Social media is more than just a fun way to communicate – it is the window to the entire world, full of people and full of opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

In fact, social media content is a critical part of any successful content marketing strategy. It is the most informal voice of a brand – and a way to talk to your customers at a human-to-human level. Communicating with your fans, followers, existing and potential customers on social media is a very effective way of driving your business.

Let’s look at Facebook. With 1,4 billion active monthly users (Dec. 2014), Facebook is the biggest social media giant. It’s the place where every single minute a helluva lot of interactions happen. 510 comments posted, 293k statuses updated and 136k photos uploaded – are just some of the information you need to know about just how influential Facebook is. But how do you engage your visitors with effective social media copywriting?

Our teams of social media copywriters live up to the premise of understanding your brand’s identity, its main audience and their needs and desires. Crafting effective social media content is easy – once you establish the brand you want to build and the direction in which you want to expand.

And Twitter isn’t far behind. With its 316 million monthly users  88% of them are from mobile devices. Thus 65% of those have an expectation of a response in less than 2 hours.

Twitter is an essential part of any social media strategy. At Copy That Counts we love spreading quick messages, crafting new tweets and measuring how the favourites and re-tweets measure up. It’s just how Twitter goes – well, when you know how to write social media content in the most effective way.

Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram…. On average, every user is at least subscribed to two social media channels. You should engage in as many social media outlets as possible. Let us help you succeed with our effective and affordable social media content services.

Engaging potential customers and clients in real-time is exactly what social media content is all about! It also gives you the opportunity to interact with authorities in the industry and optimise your social media pages also to engage your social media signals.

Just like hooking people into liking, following, retweeting or reposting – you enhance your social content marketing efforts and let them spread across the web, and essentially the world. This is only the beginning of what our social media writers do on a regular basis.

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