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We are highly skilled in the art of SEO & Content Marketing

Premium SEO Blogs

We offer the highest-quality premium unique articles and blogs that not only engage, inform and entertain your audience, but are optimised for SEO purposes to help you rank on Google.


We offer full-service copywriting. From web content, sales copy, product descriptions and more, talk to us today about how Copy that Counts can help with all your copywriting needs.

Web Page Content

Need to update your web page content? Having the highest quality content for your site is the best way to look like an industry expert, and drive your business further. Talk to Copy That Counts about updating your web page content today.

Press Releases

Press releases are the best way to get your brand and the exciting things you are doing in front of as many people as possible. They get you attention from potential customers, help drive your SEO & PR Strategy and get you noticed in a busy online landscape.

Content Marketing

SEO & Content Marketing now go hand-in-hand in your digital online marketing strategy. Content is king and the most important aspect of your whole strategy. Talk to us today about designing a Content Marketing Strategy for your business.

Social Media

We can help you with all aspects of your social media strategy across all the social media channels. From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and the ‘Gram, talk to us about creating a concept for your social media presence.

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Need To Grab Some Attention

Anybody can write an SEO article that includes the right “keywords”, is the right “length” and does the best to “inform” your audience about your industry topic. However, your audience wants more from you. They want you to entertain them or pull at their emotions. They want a reason to share it with their friends online. Talk to us at Copy That Counts about creating something different to make you stand out from the crowd.

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We Offer A Huge Range of Content Services

  • SEO Consultation
  • Social Media Consultation
  • Content Plan Design
  • Sales Copy
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Travel Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • White Papers