SEO Consulting Tailored To Your Exact Needs

At Copy That Counts, we provide search engine optimisation consulting services in order for your business to reach your internet marketing goals with the best SEO practices being implemented. Whether it’s in the form of modules or on an hourly basis, our SEO consulting service is constructive and always yields positive results.

Seo Consulting Services

We specialise in search engine marketing consulting services which are designed for brands of all sizes, whether with or without an internal marketing or webmaster team. The SEO consulting service that we offer is affordable and aligns perfectly with our blog posting, articles, press release and social media content services.

Working in a cooperative manner is what we do best at Copy That Counts, providing your business with expert SEO marketing knowledge. We also ensure you understand the latest SEO principles to take advantage of the trends that will drive your business online business further.

In other words, we will work with you closely whilst teaching you about the latest expert SEO techniques. We help you put them into practice while maintaining a search engine rewarded website for your business.

Our array of SEO consulting services excels in the following areas:

-Content copywriting
-Search engine submissions
-Competitor research and identifications
-Website restructuring
-Website tweaking (theme, style etc.) and page construction
-HTML review (in-depth review of attributes, tags and other modules used)
-Competitive keyword analysis
-An outreach external linking strategy

Our premium SEO consulting services are the bridge to your success – and create a long-term, sustainable and effective digital strategy. At Copy That Counts, we take you from starting point to the finish – creating a common sense strategy in which you will understand the main principles, see which keywords to target and what aspects to focus on in the future.

Our SEO consulting services include but are not limited to:

*SEO implementation guidelines – Letting you know how to implement your ideas without losing any rankings – even through the toughest technical situations.

*Software recommendations – There are thousands of solutions that will drive your SEO efforts to success, and we will consult you on the best practices of these services.

*SEO strategy development – Your long-term SEO success is dependant on many things, just like pieces of a puzzle of a huge digital marketing puzzle. We’ll help you figure those things out and tailor your budget to the best outcome.

*Keyword research and analysis – We will help you with establishing your keywords and also with an in-depth analytical look at the data to do with them as well as user behaviour.

*Link Building / Link Building Audit – Whether you have outsourced link building or kept it in-house, we will audit and monitor it and tell you what you may be missing or redevelop it if necessary.

*Design & SEO – Your website may fall short when it comes to design as a vital link in SEO. Making it responsive, simple and clean is what it takes to ensure the proper SEO impact – and we will guide you in that area.

*Our array of SEO consulting services that focus on knowledge transfer between us and you. Based on your needs, our consultation services vary in price and timeline. However, we will always let you have access to our professionally trained SEO consultants to help you optimise your site for the best return on your SEO Strategy.