High-Quality Articles At Affordable Prices

Articles nowadays are a challenge to many. We get it – not everyone has the time or skills to create exceptional content. The online visitors, on the other hand, desperately need you to, as they seek answers they need from every site.

Choosing a high-quality writing service for your website translates to making a significant difference to your marketing strategy. In fact, content is the most important ranking factor for Google and without search engine rankings how would potential clients find you?

Articles Writing Service

Articles Writing Service

If you are looking for an SEO optimised article writing service to help you rank on the first page of Google, you’ve come to the right place. Copy That Counts is a team of writers who are more than just that- but real digital enthusiasts who know what it takes for an article to be SEO effective and valuable for every reader.

Writing high-quality articles is a service we excel at. Simply put, our articles come from native speakers, undertake a thorough research process on the niche and act as authority content – driving your online business further.

We fully leverage the concept of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into each article. Our professional article writing service includes the use of advanced SEO tools. The article you receive has the best combination of organically placed keywords in it, including focus (primary) keywords as well as long-tail traffic one’s as well.

What do we do more precisely?

We take pride in offering an article writing service that underlines each of the following principles:

Keyword Research & Implementation – ensuring all of your articles are SEO optimised to help you rank on the first page of search engines as discussed above.

Guaranteed Quality – Our article’s go through an intense research and editing process to ensure they are always of the highest quality. In fact, we take pride in creating content for major reputable publications including high authority sites, famous blogs, online magazines and more.

Affordable Prices – Not everyone has a massive budget for articles. Therefore, our pricing options differ from one to another – letting you find your ideal concept within the price range you can afford.

Constant Communication – We live on the premise of understanding and delivering on your requirements as clearly as possible. Therefore, we will make sure to inform you of all progress, answer any questions and update you on any changes. Communication is, after all, a key to successful work and ongoing collaboration.

Talk to us today about our skilled article writers who will spice up your blog with top-quality and 100% unique content. Our article writing service is fully transparent, reliable and most importantly, will see you get the results you need to talk to potential new customers and drive your business further.